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Fuel Tanks (Marine)

Fuel Tanks (Marine)

Sant Marine manufactures a range of fuel tanks to suit a variety of popular boat models. Tanks are manufactured from durable polyethylene and are rated for use with diesel or petrol including ethanol. All tanks are pressure tested under 33CFR 183.510(a) and conform to ISO 10088. Tanks are fitted with a 30-240OHM rated Fuel Sender and include Fuel Pick Up and Breather Fittings shown. Most tanks are moulded with internal baffles to stabilise the fuel during motion.

The Fuel Sender when connected to a calibrated gauge, provides an indication of the fuel level in the tank. It should never be relied upon to determine the quantity of fuel left in the tank. This is especially the case in ā€œVā€ shaped tanks where the capacity of the bottom half of the tank is substantially less than that of the top half.

For details of Sant Marine Fitting Guidelines Click Here.

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The range of available polyethylene tanks is limited to that shown on this website and modifications are not possible. 

Due to freight complexities, online purchase of Fuel Tanks is not available - bur we would be pleased to formally quote you including the freight to your door.. 

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